Creative Solutions for the Moving Image

The Challenge:
This was a project created by DOC and the Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Watch, Sid Sheinberg. The aim was to draw attention to the work and aims of the Human Rights Watch (HRW), a foundation which seeks to protect the rights of citizens across the globe. As documentaries often deal with the human condition, this was the perfect marriage of content and cause. This prestigious project, came up very quickly, and needed a quick turnaround.

The Solution:

Initially I began to consider the use of merging multiple faces as a motif to represent the universal human conflict. When it became apparent that this idea could not be executed in the time-frame, I needed to find something simpler.  I decided that rather then using faces, which would need clearances and research, a simple hand print could be more evocative, both as a symbol of protest and as a guiding hand. I made some prints using my own hand, which I scanned and then combined together to form a logo that would lend itself to animation.

The Result:

As often is the case, simple approaches can often be stronger and more powerful due to the economy of means and a good way to express emotive subjects. I was able to deliver the project on time as well as produce all the necessary elements to brand and promote the series.