Creative Solutions for the Moving Image


I originated the title for this stunt which was based around Americans aspiring to live their dreams in the face of harsh realities. We see the perspective of a migrant farmworker;  an artist searching for the Geodentic Center of the USA; we follow an aspiring singer on tour ; and meet women who do manual work to support their artistic endeavors.  All have dreams – yet all struggle within the system. Each tale is unique and yet quite American.

I wanted to find a visual treatment that would best convey the content of the films in the stunt. Coming up with the title was a big part of solving the visual problem. I like to suggest names as they can help shape the strategy so I originated a number of titles with American Dreamers becoming the favourite. Without wanting to imply that the dreamers in the films have their head in the clouds, I felt that the a cloud treatment could be a great visual metaphor for their aspirations.

I set about making cloud images for each film, settling upon a ruby slipper for the protagonists of the “Cinderellas of Sante Fe” and other pertinent cloud-shapes for the rest of the films in the series. The cloud formations allowed for some nice transitions. For the title I created a USA cloud formation to become the basis of a logo.