Creative Solutions for the Moving Image

“Celebrate Earth” was a channel stunt that mixed films covering green issues, ecology, farming, exploration and natural history.

I therefore felt that the graphic approach needed to keep to the point especially given the name of the stunt and evoke the “celebration of the earth” as an uplifting festival, of renewal and positivity (particularly as this ran at the beginning of spring).

Given, the wide ranging subjects I think the graphic needs to be simple and colorful. The aim was to bring a lighter and more engaging approach that focuses on being part of the solution rather then the problem (the world in peril from global warming and pollution).

I thought that it might be appropriate to represent the celebration with a streamer and  create a graphic motif that could animate and flow or stream over footage during the course of the promo. At the end of the promo the streamer would be revealed in as a rotating form that evokes the orbit of the earth and the body of the planet. This is of course a less literal rendering of a typical earth form. It uses the celebratory nature of the streamer to find a different and engaging take on the subject — one that is slightly more playful then serious.