Creative Solutions for the Moving Image

I was asked by the V&A museum to craft the post-production of a short form video comprising of interviews, documentation and time-lapse shots. The exhibit, the Elytra Pavilion, is being built by robots (and modified by data generated by visitors).  This exhibit formed a part of an Engineering Season at the V&A.

The pavilion explores the impact of emerging robotic technologies on architectural design, engineering and making. Its design is inspired by lightweight construction principles found in nature, the filament structures of the forewing shells of flying beetles known as elytra.  Like the beetle elytra, the pavilion’s filament structure is both very strong and very light.

Elytra is a responsive shelter that will grow over the course of the V&A Engineering Season. Sensors in the canopy fibres will collect data on how visitors inhabit the pavilion and monitor the structure’s behaviour, ultimately informing how and where the canopy grows.