Creative Solutions for the Moving Image

The Challenge:

I was tasked with developing a channel identity that would be shown prior to Documentary Channel programming. I wanted to apply a documentary mindset to developing an appropriate ID and to use the processes of filmmaking as a metaphorical device from which to convey the idea of the documentary film.

The Solution:
I decided to use a film camera as the hero. I felt that glimpsing the camera in extreme close-up, would help to abstract it and make it more mysterious. With careful lighting of the CG camera (using Cinema 4D) I was able to create a strong graphic look that had an interesting mood. I incorporated the channel’s logo on the lens barrel which made for a more integrated application of the branding.

The Result:

I feel the piece achieved an enigmatic quality with the implication of the lens watching the audience. As the ID was relatively short, it had to make an impact – the reveal of the logo on the lens helped to create enough drama to work in the time frame available.